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Old Pictures/New Life
Tokyo 1968/ Indianapolis 2010

Collaborative works by
Mike Graves
Rachel Rose and Greg Steele

This series of work began with pictures taken by Greg Steele while he was working as an Intelligence Specialist during the Vietnam War, stationed near Osaka Japan.
Working collaboratively, Mike and Rachel have given those pictures new life on the canvas.
Their collaborative process involves utilizing collage elements, painting and mixed media.
They begin with selecting an image, taking it out of its usual context and creating a new environment for its presentation--intricate backgrounds created by the layering of old photographs and collage elements. Using light-projection, they draw the images from the photographs, adding to each piece their own color designs and creative arrangement.

This re-purposing of images invites the viewer to re-examine the subject and create new meaning.

Train to Sendai '68
Train to Sendai '68