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SubSurface Street Art Festival 2021
SubSurface Street Art Festival 2021

October 1-3 2021
The return of SubSurface
Donations accepted via Square, click the donations link on our home page.

Checks made payable to BRIDGE Collective, LLC
Mail to:
1618 Pleasant Street
Indianapolis, IN 46203
E.I.N. 82-2743363

From 2002-2015 SubSurface presented public artworks by established and emerging artists working in the fields of graffiti and street art. Artists were invited from cities across the Midwest and Indianapolis to create original work in their own style.

Graffiti is the cultural seed of the global street art movement, and remains one of the most influential movements in contemporary art. Most of our artists share this background, through their murals. It has been our goal to make Indianapolis home to a collection of street art that rivals any comparable city in the United States. SubSurface initiated the street art and mural culture in Fountain Square; this became a calling card for the neighborhood, the city’s foremost cultural district. At the time of our last event, we had facilitated 20 walls in Fountain Square. Many of them are still visible today.