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"This guy was bigger than life, and he's still ingrained on our souls," Ron "DJ Indiana Jones" Miner says about Mpozi Mshale Tolbert

As news of Mpozi's July 2006 passing became public, many people asked how they might contribute to efforts to preserve his memory and legacy. In response to such inquiries, the family established the Mpozi Memorial Fund, under the aegis of the Black Humanist Fellowship, to focus on: cataloguing his photographs, and recognizing talented young photographers and photojournalists through an award, named for Mpozi, which offers them opportunities to hone and perfect their craft. . If you have already donated, we thank you for your interest and generosity. If you'd like to donate, you may send contribution to:

Mpozi Memorial Fund, Valley Green Bank, 7226 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia PA 19119 (215) 242-3550